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Consolidated Horizons, Inc. provides customized software development, application development and implementation based on the client's business objectives and specific needs. Whether it is distributed application using the latest technological tools, a complex migration project or outsourced development, our clients are assured of consistent quality and high returns on their investments.

Our mission is to create advanced, web based applications that are intuitive, feature rich, extensible and secure. Maintaining a keen focus on quality, our solutions are designed to adapt and provide years of productive benefit.

Today with a strong background in both technical and IT management experience, Consolidated Horizons, Inc. targets customers worldwide and offers services at reasonable costs. Our strength lies in the fact that we emphasize cost reduction which enables our clients to focus on their core competencies. We are rightfully proud of our experience in the area of Enterprise Application Development, E-Business solutions, Middle Tier and Database application development. We bring the strategy, brand and technology experts together in a single team.

Our extensive network of IT professionals is available for short and long term assignments. These individuals hold the necessary IT skills sets that your projects require. Our outsourcing service removes the need for long term capital investment and it makes it possible to meet short term business goals without long term commitment.